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Personal video players

Portable video players like the PSP and iPod video were bought in huge quantities last year, creating a market for movies to play on them. You can buy some, download some or make your own. We’ve featured some hardware solutions in the recent past for capturing your own movies, such as the iSee video recorder and the DVD Xpress. But here’s a software one – the Hauppauge Wing for the PC.

It’s a software package for recording TV on a PC for playback on the PSP, video iPod or other such player. Wing can also convert existing recordings to a PSP/iPod format. It features a plug-in for the TitanTV electronic program guide for automatic recording of TV shows, a plug-in for Hauppauge’s WinTV Scheduler for manual recording and an off-line recorder which will turn MPEG-2 videos into any of the formats supported by Wing. Recording can be in MPEG-4, H.264 or DivX ro to DVD, with options to adjust quality and file size.

You can download the software from for $24.95, but check if your PC and TV card is suitable first.

More ways to record:
iSee video recorder for the iPod
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Dave Walker
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