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You may remember the Asono Mica MP3 player from last year? If not, it was a strange music player designed in Norway with a look that would make the iPod shuffle look busy, but with a price tag that would make most of us think twice. Well, it’s back as a low cost version and re-branded as the Play.

Miminalism is the key here – the Play has no screen and just a single joystick for control. It plays MP3, WMA and ASF files for up to 12 hours on a single charge of its built-in battery, has five equaliser pre-sets and can support up to four playlists or play through randomly in shuffle mode.

The lack of screen means, rather bizarrely, that sound is used to help you navigate. A variety of "distinctive" sounds allow you to choose between settings, select your tracks and move between playlists. Confusing? Almost certainly.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your minimalist music player, you can pick one up for around £67 for the 512MB version or around £88 for a 1GB model.

Via The Register

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