T-Mobile launches BlackBerry 8700g


T-Mobile is launching the new BlackBerry 8700g in the UK, with an integrated Intel processor, a high resolution LCD and the promise of faster web browsing.

In addition to standard BlackBerry functionality including support for ‘push’ email, phone, SMS, browser and organising, the latest BlackBerry has been re-worked under the bonnet and now features an Intel processor, 64MB flash memory and 16MB SRAM – so faster browsing. You can also now view common attachments such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word. The 8700g also features a high res, landscape QVGA LCD display, along with intelligent light sensing technology that automatically adjusts both the LCD and keyboard lighting for optimised viewing.

The new BlackBerry integrates with all common corporate server software and allows individual users to access up to 10 email accounts from a single device. It will retail at £189.99, but from February, will be available for £79.99 with an 18 month T-Mobile deal.

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  • I just recieved my Blackberry 8700g from http://www.UShopWireless.com/AF-JR, and i got to say, wow this is one great phone. I think that the best part about it is the high speed internet, its really fast. I got a great deal on this phone at Ushopwireless.com/AF-JR, and Im so glad I did this phone is definatly worth more than $99 dollars, and I wouldve happily paid more for it.

  • I purchased the BlackBerry 8700g from http://www.UShopWireless.com/jr a few weeks ago & I must say this is the greatest phone ever. It has high speed internet & I have not lost any calls yet. Seems like having a good phone makes a big difference in regards to not getting lost calls.

  • If the T-Mobile Blackberry 8700g/8700c (on the Cingular network) had expandable memory and a camera and WI-FI, I’d be all over that device. Touch screens are nice on the MDA from T-Mobile, but could be a pain to dial phone numbers unless you have fingernails or enlarge the buttons. As compared to the Treo or Danger Hip-Top/Sidekick, this one’s the hands-down winner – but this may be more of a MAC vs. PC debate more than anything else.

    Bottom line, if you get an MDA or whatever else HTC Wizard Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC, be sure to understand its limitations. and check out http://www.mdahacks.com and boost your phone’s features with hacks and tweaks.

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