Dell brings 3G to notebooks


Online computer retail giant Dell has announced the use of Vodafone’s 3G wireless broadband technology to Dell’s notebook customers in the UK.

Beginning in the first half of this year, Dell will offer notebooks with optional integrated High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) wireless broadband capability, which will boost current 3G download speeds by approximately four times, allowing users to have readily available fast access to email, the internet and servers through the Vodafone mobile broadband data network. Of course we don’t know when Vodafone will launch its HSDPA network and we bet it won’t be until the autumn. Anyhow the built-in mobile broadband technology will also be backwards compatible with 3G technology and GPRS networks, so you’ll be able to use it before then.

No specific date or prices as yet. We’ll keep you posted. Oh and check out Samsung’s very cool HSDPA phone here.

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