CES 2006: Tosh's hard disk camcorders

Camcorders, CES 2006

Toshiba has become the third manufacturer, following JVC and Sony, to debut a hard disk based camcorder. Its pair of models, the 30 Gigabyte GSC-R30 ($799) and 60 Gig GSC-R60 ($999), both work in a similar way to their rivals with users shooting footage which is then stored on the hard disk. Users then transfer the video to a PC hard disk or burn it to DVD.

Just like rival models users can choose the quality of the video with Tosh claming that the 60 Gig model is capable of storing up to 55 hours of footage at its lowest level. The same model can store 13 hours of video at the highest, 9.6Mbps level. Both models feature a two mega pixel sensor, sport a 2.5inch colour screen and include an image stabilisation system. The GSC-R60 also comes with a USB and Ethernet equipped docking cradle. Both models launch in the US in February.

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