CES 2006: Toshiba's drives get bigger – and smaller


Everyone’s going perpendicular! First we had Seagate’s 160GB drive, developed with perpendicular recording, now Toshiba has announced at the CES it has begun shipping its long-awaited 4GB, 3600rpm 0.85in micro hard disk drives, which the company intends to boost to 10GB, courtesy of – you guessed it – perpendicular recording techniques.

However, before electronics companies get excited, Toshiba admitted delivery of the new chips will not take place until 2007, a hesitancy probably based on the struggle the company had with developng the 4GB model.

Toshiba has also introduced an 80GB 1.8in drive – a dual-platter product derived from the 40GB drive it launched in August 2005. Like the 40GB unit, the new MK8007GAH HDD uses that perpendicular recording technique to boost storage density to 133Gb per square inch. By comparison, the 10GB 0.85in drive will score a data density of 200Gb per square inch, Toshiba claimed.

Via The Register

Dave Walker
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