CES 2006: Intel announces deal with Google


Chip giant Intel has used the CES to announce a link-up with Google for its Viiv technology, which the company hopes will allow it to make the leap from PC chip manufacturer to home entertainment giant. Viiv boxes will be based on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, with the intent of providing a single solution for all digital entertainment, replacing the usual selection of gadgets around the TV, such as a DVD player or set-top box.

In order to provide content for these new machines, Intel has put together dozens of deals, the most noteable of which is the one with Google, which wil provide content from Google Video to digital devices in the home.

Another of the deals is with US network NBC, which will provide high-definition clips from the Winter Olympics in Turin next month.

The first Viiv machines will appear in shops in the very near future.

Dave Walker
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