CES 2006: Samsung DMB camera and TV

CES 2006

At IFA in Berlin last year Samsung displayed a whole raft of digital mobile TV products that use the DMB standard (just one of three mobile TV standards that enable you to watch digital TV on the move).

The only problem was that they were little more than existing products with an aerial bolted on the side. However for CES in Las Vegas the Korean company has developed the DMB products and designs much more fully. Most notable is the SDC-K50 which is billed as the world’s first digicam with DMB tuner and a 7inch portable TV, the DMB-T750 (pictured).

Looking like an old transistor radio from the 1950s (but in a cool way), the 7inch DMB-T750 comes with a four hour battery and can play MP3s while the SDC-K50 is a 5.3 megapixel digital camera with 256Mb built in memory and a Mini SD card slot. It is also PictBridge compatible.

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