CES 2006: Cool speaker system/recharger for smartphones

CES 2006, Mobile phones

So you’re a manufacturer and you’ve churned out speaker system/rechargers for the iPod and the PSP, where do you go next? Well it has to be the music phone. Among the companies quick off the mark in this area are Qool which has unveiled a pair of Xensaxion series devices that combine speakers with recharging facilities.

They aren’t just good for mobiles though. The pair of systems can also be connected to any sound source via a mini jack audio input. The downside though is that the speakers system are limited to certain types of mobiles, in this instance Windows Mobile handset like the various versions of the XDA and MDA and Orange’s SPV series. Both systems are available in the Far East but there are no detail yet on a UK or even a US launch. Particularly impressive is the Xensaxion X10 which not only looks great but should really help to turn your music phone into a serious bit of hi-fi. More details on Qool’s innovative products can be found here.

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