CES 2006: 802.11g Wi-Fi phone

Mobile phones

Wi-fi is a pretty standard features on smartphones these days, but the HyFi-110G from WNC has a couple of key advantages over its rivals. Firstly the clamshell design handset is pretty small for a Wi-Fi endowed phone – think Sharp/Toshiba style mobiles. Secondly it is the first mobile we are aware of to feature the faster version of Wi-Fi 802.11g. This makes it particularly nifty for video streaming or transferring files over a home network. It could also find a niche in streaming IPTV (TV via the web). The phone, which is due in the first half of 2006, also features email, voice recording and a USB charger. Talk time is three hours while the battery lasts 70 hours on standby.

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