Canon's Widescreen camcorders

Camcorders, CES 2006

Since everything else has gone widescreen it seems only right that camcorders follow suit. Canon’s gone for it in a big way, with 6 new camcorders arriving at once. The MV900 series (left) and MV890 are designed with simplicity in mind. The 900 series, which includes the MV960, MV930 and the MV901 come with  2.7″ wide colour LCD screen as does the MV890. You can flick between normal mode and shooting in 16:9 widescreen and with only six buttons to use, along with the navigational joystick, and a one-push Easy Shooting mode, plus a Level Marker that helps you frame the shot, these are perfect if you just want to point and shoot. The MV900 range includes a 25x optical zoom; the MV890 has a 22x optical zoom. All cameras sport a 1/6-inch 800,000 pixel CCD, Electronic Image Stabiliser (EIS)
and Five Program AE modes.

more flexibility and a higher-resolution CCD good for HDTVs and stills,
the miniDV MVX400 series gives you lots more twiddly-bits but with the same
simplified controls. The MVX460 and MVX450 have 1.3-megapixel 1/5.5-inch CCDs and 20x optical zoom lenses. Still images are stored on memory card.

Check out the full specification comparison lists here (890 and 900 series) and here.

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