Xbox 360 proves unmemorable


The sad tale of the Xbox 360 continues; barely
content with faulty power supplies, low stock, threatening chip shortages and a
generally rushed feel to the whole console launch, it now emerges that the
console’s disk space has been found lacking. Those of you lucky enough to have
gotten your hands on a Premium edition Xbox 360 (as opposed to the Core package)
might be disappointed to discover that the alleged 20GB of space somehow only
adds up to 13GB under Microsoft‘s maths. Where has that 7GB disappeared to? Apparently
the Xbox’s promise of backwards compatibility and the transition from NVIDIA to
ATI GPUs means that a third of the hard disk is being used up by emulation
software. Having just 13GB for your saved games, game specific emulation
software, downloads from Live! and your stored music means that space might become
very tight, very quick and force you to cough up the whopping £69.99 for
another one. Ouch. For more gaming news check out our sister site Games Digest.

via Gizmodo

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  • It may be lacking but someone online is getting US $230,100.00 for a limited edition one, with some games for a total retail of about $3000. The average one is also making about $300 dollars in profit. I would have to say their is definetly still intrest in it, even though it’s just a glorified PC. Yes it’s amazing, bet your now thinking about turning a profit yourself??

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