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Comments made yesterday by Creative boss Sim
Wong Hoo might turn the somewhat standoffish contest for MP3 player market
share into full blown fisticuffs. It seems that Creative is no longer happy
being Apple’s underdog and is turning to a more direct assault on the iPod’s
throne. Mr Sim mentioned plans to “pursue aggressively” infringers on the US
patent owned
by Creative which covers menu navigation in digital music players. However,
whether this turns into a full blown courtroom drama remains to be seen and his
responses to observations about the similarity of the design of the iPod video
and the Zen Vision: M provided some extra excitement; Mr Sim sagely pointed out the
advantages of Creative’s hardware claiming “this is the difference between a
technology company and a branding company”. There are some clear advantages to
the Vision: M over the fifth generation iPod and hopefully a more aggressive
competitive policy from Creative will soon see Apple working harder for its
enormous market share.

via The BBC

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  • Oh yeah , some major advantages like being bigger, heavier , more expensive, lacking good software and able to access more online stores that collectively have far fewer tunes and more rigid DRM.
    Extra ‘features’ are pointless if they’re little more than a gimmick and not easy to use.
    Besides which the reason the ipod’s so popular is more to do with the ease of use and integrated solution, like all Apple products ‘it just works’.
    Anyway I don’t know how he can lecture about tech innovation when they’ve just produced this clone and were still making 64Mb devices that you imported files to when Apple had the vision to use a hard drive and a dedicated software jukbox.

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