The USB microscope


I’ve lost count of the number of pointless things you can now plug into your PC these days. My favourite useless USB was still the George Foreman grill, but this USB microscope is providing stiff competition.

The idea sounds fair enough. Plug it in and view items at up to 200x magnification on you computer screen. You can then grab screen shots of your subjects to save, email or drop into documents. All sounds well and good – but would you ever want to do that?

You can pick it up from Amazon for £71.99.

Source: Gadget Spy

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  • It’s a great learning tool for basic histology students. Specimens may be viewed by many through the screen..Good for student presentations featuring histological samples.

  • Oh, I don’t know…. maybe my son for example… he has very bad astigmatism and myopia and using a microscope this way is far easier as he can use his normal glasses…. I think it is a great idea.

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