Bond gadget becomes reality


Whether it was James Bond, The Sweeney or Starksy and Hutch – the way to track a wrong ‘un in TV or in the movies was to stick a small metallic device on a car, then get the man with the metal box and large antenna to home in by virtue of an intermittent beep.

Well, here we are at the back end of 2005 and fiction becomes fact, courtesy of the Loc8tor. Just stick the tag on and you can track just about anything. As long as it doesn’t go more than 500ft away. The tags are about the size of a postage stamp and can be fixed to both objects and people.

The Loc8tor system will retail for around $100 is set to be unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January, along with much more top technology, which you’ll hear about first on Tech Digest.

Via Engadget

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