Gupi the interactive guinea pig


Having a pet is a real responsibility…and no-one fancies all that cleaning up. If an idog lacks the realism you require, Gupi the electronic guinea pig could be just the thing.

Gupi gets around the house like any "real" pet – even better as it’ll not eat through cables or pull your Christmas tree over. Give Gupi your love and affection and it’ll be content and happy. Ignore Gupi and it’ll turn into a recluse! Feeding is easy, it eats carrots. Electronic ones of course.

Watch Gupi grow from child to adult in front of your eyes. And see how Gupi interacts with other members of the electronic species through guinea pig speak and dancing. If you can find a place in your home for Gupi this Christmas, it’s available from a variety of online retailers for £39.99.

Via Coolest-gadgets

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