Super! Smashing! Great! Interactive Bullseye!


Remember the days – slouched on the sofa stuffed full of the Sunday roast and the new school week drawing ever closer. Only one thing could lighten the mood…Jim Bowen bounding down the steps in Farah slacks and blazer, reminding us that you can’t beat a bit of "Bully". Or indeed a speedboat for the backyard.

Well, you can now re-live those days in this digital age thanks to the new Bullseye DVD Game. No dartboard needed, your remote control throws the darts at the screen whilst your teammate sits back on the sofa and answers questions on anything from sport to history (please Jim). And if it all goes horribly wrong and you see "what you could have won" flash up on the screen, you can reach for another mince pie and start again.

You can pick up DVD Bullseye for around £14.99 from most high street stores.  Just remember this one piece of advice: "Keep out of the black and in the red, there’s nothing in this game for two in a bed". Never a more true word spoken.

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One thought on “Super! Smashing! Great! Interactive Bullseye!

  • Fantastic game although it would have been nice to have the real Jim Bowen adn capital D doing the voice overs.

    Surely they haven’t reached such a megastar status that they don’t want to do it.

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