Get artistic on your PC


Ok, you have Photoshop. But what about when your creative urges go beyond a few clicks of the mouse? You could try a graphics tablet like the Acecat Flair.

It connects a PC and comes complete with software that provides a full colour pallet on screen with a choice of high quality painting and drawing applications, such as pen, pencil, crayon, paintbrush or chalk. By using the special pen on the pad, you can create our own drawings, paintings and artwork on a computer by either freehand or tracing. It also has a number of special effects that can recreate a range of finishes – from oil paintings and water colours to cartoons
and sketches.

It’s plug and play and is compatible with both PC and Mac. it can also be used a mouse replacement. The Acecat Flair is available from for around £35.

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Dave Walker
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