gadgets are a girl's best friend


I’m sure our friends over at Shiny Shiny are saying "we told you so", but according to a feature on the BBC, women are most likely to want and to receive a gadget this Christmas. In particular, a digital camera or an iPod. And the female demand for technology has forced a change in old stereotypical attitudes. One store in America, Best Buy, has even re-trained its staff to ensure women are not patronised when shopping for electronic goods.

Gadget makers are now focusing on female users more when considering product design, marketing and retail strategy. Sony designed its Walkman Bean MP3 players specifically to fit into a woman’s hand and recently started shipping the new Vaio FJ notebook computers, which come in a range of colours.

But that’s old news to us. If you want a female take on the hottest gadgets, hop on over to Shiny Shiny for no-nonsense advice on the greatest new gadgets.

Read the full BBC feature.

Dave Walker
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