Sony's Walkman Beans

MP3 players

Yet more new digital audio Walkmans from Sony, and there are apparently whispers of a couple of other new releases on their way too. The newbies are called Walkman Beans, well cos they are Bean shaped, and will be landing in the UK very shortly. Aimed at the youth market the NW-E205 £79 and NW-207 £99 feature 512MB and one Gigabyte storage respectively. Both offer playback of MP3 and Sony’s ATRAC audio files (though no WMA), feature a one line LED, are available in blue, pink, black and white and include a pop up USB connector for easy docking with PCs. Battery life, from the on board Lithium Ion rechargeable, is rated at around 50 hours and both feature Sony’s three hours playback from three minutes quick charge facility. There are apparently different models for different territories.

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