xBox360 to come in $299, $399 editions


Microsoft has just revealed the pricing of their next gen console, the xBox360, and as many expected, the console will come in two flavours. The basic package, which Microsoft is referring to as the ‘core’ package, is going to go for £209. The core package will get you the console, a customisable faceplate, Xbox Live Silver membership as well as AV cables. Those willing to spend a little more on their gaming habit will splash out on the £279 edition, which will include the console, a wireless controller,a 20GB detachable hard drive, a wireless xBox live headset, high-def AV cables, an ethernet cable, as well as the xBox Live Silver Membership and customisable faceplate included with the core edition.

Interestingly, Microsoft has stated that you’ll need a hard drive for backwards compatibility, so if you’re planning on getting the core edition, it looks like you’ll have to cough up for the detachable hard drive seperately.

Chris Cornwell
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