Bored? Give Coldplay a call


If you’ve got a Skype phone, but can’t think of anyone to call, here’s a tip – ring Coldplay. The lads are sat at Coldplay Towers now, hands hovering over the receiver, waiting for a kind word from one of their legion of fans. Ok, we lie. They’re not there. But their answer machine is and the band will listen to the messages and judge which is the best. And if it’s yours, you’ll get a callback from the band on your Skype phone.

Visit and leave a message lasting no more than 20 seconds, saying why you think the new single, "Talk", is so good. All messages must be in English and you must leave your Skype ID too. The competition ends on February 28th, with the callback taking place in March.

Just think – you could give Chris and Gwyneth tips on baby names. If they’re sticking with the fruit theme, I’d recommend Pomegranate.

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Dave Walker
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