World's first interactive drama from 3

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Viewer controlled telly has existed in
theory for some time but has yet to be properly implemented. Now 3 is behind a
new Channel 4 gritty urban music drama aiming to achieve the lofty heights of
TV interactivity. Dubplate Drama, shot in the style of a music video, tells the
story of a young MC and takes place over six 15 minute instalments. After the first
episode 3’s customers will be able to vote on the events of the next episode
and share their opinions personally via 3 video blogging technology. Customers
also get access to exclusive extra footage, extended story lines and so on. Given
the brevity of each episode, it remains to be seen just how much extra content
can be drawn out of it but, in the end, this is a very unique idea and could be
worth a look. Dubplate Drama will be shown first on Channel 4 on 12th
November at midnight, it is also shown later on MTV Base, MTV UK
, E4 and with special edits available
to 3 customers.

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