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We have just had it confirmed by Motorola in the UK that the latest version of the RAZR phone, the V3i, is in fact iTunes compatible. Apparently it won’t work in all Moto’s markets, but hazarding a guess here, we reckon that the UK and the US are pretty safe bets. As we mentioned earlier the phone uses Transflash storage cards which go up to 512MB, so you’ll be able to get your 100 tunes on there.

So why Moto didn’t launch this as the iTunes phone in the first place? It would have saved the company, and Apple, a lot of grief.


Here’s the official word from Motorola in the UK. ‘iTunes will be available on the V3i in certain markets. For those markets a press announcement will be made shortly.’


Ok, here’s another clarification. The initial V3is won’t be iTunes compatible. However there will be iTunes versions of the V3i which will be on sale in some countries in the new year and these will be announced seperately. Got that!Phew!

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  • What countries??? oh, and i found a store in chicago that sells the REAL RAZR V3i. The real V3i with itunes has a music key instead of the messenging key. the metal is polished,and the camera is better, and the M logo lights up in blue. I’m gonna get this phone!

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