UK Online launches nationwide super-fast broadband


Although broadband ISP Be was the first
firm to offer the new breed of incredibly fast broadband speeds in London, UK

is the first to make it available across the country. The service uses
technology that pushes internet speeds as high as 22Mbps and all for a pretty
reasonable £29.99 per month. However, the figure of 22Mbps is a slightly
misleading one; as with any broadband connection the actual speed you will
experience in your home is heavily affected by a number of factors including
the distance from your house to the telephone exchange and the quality of your
home’s phone wiring.

A UK Online spokesperson pointed out that if
you live closer than 3km away from the exchange you could expect speeds of over
8Mbps, still quite a long way off the advertised 22Mbps. If you happen to live
with a few hundred meters of the exchange then you’re probably going to get the
full speed, although I’m not sure how you work out where one is (anyone know
what they look like?). Another factor to consider is that you’ll need to
upgrade to an ADSL2+ router as well; these are fairly expensive at the moment
but the price is bound to start dropping as the conversion to super-fast
broadband continues to spread.

Read via BBC

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