Two new MP3 players from Sharp

MP3 players

The latest unveiling in the world of flash
DAPs are Sharp‘s MP-S200 and MP-S300, blessed 512MB and 1GB capacity
respectively. Personally I think the design is pretty cool; the case has an
integrated karabiner clip which perhaps shouldn’t be the best defining point
but makes it look to me like it would be at home on an outdoorsy type’s keyring,
possibly alongside a leatherman and bottle opener. Sharp has made some effort
to see that the player itself matches the durable look; it can be dropped from
140cm without harm, but hopefully will realistically take a little more
punishment than that. My only complaint is that they are still a little bulky (36
x 87.1 x 15.2mm), probably as a result of being powered off 1 x AAA battery. They
come in 4 different colours and have integrated FM tuners and voice recording.
They are available now in, yep you guessed it, Japan but heck, that’s where all
the wackiest MP3 players come from. The S200 coast around £90 and the S300 for
around £110, no word on a European release yet so I’d give it a few months.

via AkibaLive

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One thought on “Two new MP3 players from Sharp

  • As this is a solid state (flash based) mp3 player you should be able to drop it from a greater height than 140cm! But then why would you want to?

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