Samsung launches gaming phone

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I’m sure
this was supposed to be called the GPANG way back when we first caught wind of
it. Anyway, given the success of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, mobile phone
companies are beginning to realise that portable gaming ought to be on a bit
more of their turf. That said, Nokia already tried the idea once with the
N-Gage and that proved exactly what handheld gaming was not about. Mercifully
Samsung has thought up its own take on a mobile/console and come up with the
SPH-G1000, which really isn’t as cool as ‘GPANG’ sounded. It has sensibly tackled the problem of being a phone first and worked on the console aspect
second. The quality of games remains to be seen, but it is noted that Samsung’s
offering isn’t trying to step on the big boys toes. At the moment its main
competitor is the LG SV360 (pic on the turn), which seems to have to taken the
N-Gage path. Oops. The Samsung SPH-G1000 is only available in Korea
at the
moment but if we root for it enough, it may eventually make it to these shores.
I think they can keep the LG though.

via MobileMag

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