N-Gage slips away

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Nokia has announced that it is planning to withdraw from the
mobile gaming scene for a couple of years and that the N-Gage itself will be
receiving no new incarnations. I’m left with mixed feelings about this
development; though nothing brought more joy to my day than being able to fire
a few vengeful insults at the hybrid device, its passing leaves me with little
to vent my spleen on. It was high time that Nokia gave up on the mobile gaming
charade as sales of the N-Gage and its successor, the N-Gage QD, only reached a
third of the sales forecasts which must have been quite a shock to Nokia after
it managed an admirable feat of marketing and hype building prior to the phone’s
2003 launch. This failure was largely due to phone’s laughable design flaws and
though they were mostly corrected in the QD version, by then it was too little
too late. If you still have an unnatural desire to own one Nokia is still
planning to keep on producing the N-Gage in limited numbers for foreign markets.

via Gizmodo

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