Magic Joy Box


Of the
current generation of consoles (current for the next 3 days anyway) the
question of which has the best control pad is a subject of regular debate
especially around the Games Digest
office. Personally I think that, in spite of the copyright infringements, the PS2’s
Dual Shock 2 is the champion but others favour the quirkier GameCube controller,
especially the groundbreaking wireless Wavebird. Personally I don’t know of anyone,
although I’m open to persuasion, who really goes for the arthritis inducing
Xbox Controller S and thankfully it seems Microsoft has thought a bit harder
about the design for the 360. Whatever your taste you can now take each
pad for a spin on your favourite PC game using the brilliantly titled 3-in-1 Magic Joy Box. It’s basically a USB
adaptor for anything compatible with PS2, GameCube or Xbox
controller ports, which means dance mats work fine too. Apparently all button
and vibration functions are retained too. Not bad for $30 (around £20).

Link via The Red Ferret

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