HP in Blu-ray wobbles


Games Digest reports that all is not happy in the Blu-ray camp. Apparently HP one of the backers of the next generation DVD format, which will be used on Sony PS3, is considering adopting a neutral stance and supporting both Blu-ray and its rival HD-DVD.

HP is angry that two features it has demanded from the start are not yet fully implemented in Blu-Ray. "iHD" would provide interactive features, and would link in with Microsoft’s next PC operating system, codenamed "Vista". "Mandatory Managed Copy" would let people copy the contents of their disc to a PC with digital rights management intact. The Blu-Ray consortium says both will be available, just not yet. Maureen Weber, from HP’s Personal Systems Group, responded: "If they are unable to incorporate technologies we think are critical for the PC, we’ll be more neutral. We could support both HD DVD and Blu-ray."

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