Wanadoo offers eight Meg broadband


It isn’t just small companies and start ups that are driving the UK’s ultra fast broadband revolution. Wanadoo has got in on the act too and is to offer eight Meg web connections for a hugely competitive £14.99 per month.

The ISP is also throwing in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service with customers receiving a secondary phone line on a dedicated Wanadoo Broadband connection plus free evening and weekend calls to any UK landline and free calls at any time, day or night, to other Wanadoo Wireless & Talk users.

Users plug a normal phone into the Wanadoo Livebox – that comes free with the service, and away they go. 

The Wanadoo Livebox also enables customers to surf wirelessly from anywhere around the home. 

I haven’t completely checked out the small print, but it seems there’s no data cap. However the price of the service does go up to £17.99 per month after the first six months. Also you probably have to live fairly near a BT exchange to receive downloads at that speed.

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