Qtek 910 hits UK

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HTC’s long -promised Wizard should now have arrived in the in the guise of the T Mobile MDA Pro, Orange M5000 etc. Should you want to buy one without committing to a network, then there’s the option of the Qtek 910. Available  now from Smart Devices and Expansys, the 910 is almost identical to the Wizard in that it features Wi-Fi, a very usable keyboard, a 1.3 mega pixel camera and runs using Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system,. The key difference is that the Qtek is GPRS only and doesn’t have the Wizard’s 3G capabilities. Anyhow if that’s no mater then Smart Devices has it here for a pretty competitive £345 plus VAT.

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  • Do you guys actually check your facts or just pull out this bollocx from your nethers?

    If you are going to make such stupid wild inaccurate articles, do you think you could at least correct them?

  • well your internal document is wrong,
    the orange spv m600 has no physical keyboard,
    it’s a roll-out of HTC “Prophet” which seems to be a nicer version of the HTC “Magician”…
    2 megapixel camera,thinner form factor, wifi,
    EDGE. For some reason it looks like it will
    still only have 64mb memory, don’t know what they are thinking there.

  • I think you’ve confused the Wizard with the Universal.

    The HTC Universal is a larger Pocket-PC sized clamshell keyboard/twist screen phone, marketed as:

    * Orange SPV M5000
    * O2 XDA Exec
    * T-mobile MDA Pro
    * i-Mate JASJAR
    * Qtek 9000
    * Vodafone VPA IV

    The HTC Magician is a smaller PocketPC with no physical keyboard. It is marketed as:

    * Orange SPV M500 (based on refreshed version of the Magician)
    * O2 XDA II Mini
    * T-mobile MDA Compact
    * i-Mate JAM (refreshed as new JAM)
    * Qtek s100 (refreshed as s110)
    * Vodafone VPA Compact

    According to the internal document I have, the HTC Wizard with pop-side keyboard is to be:

    * Orange SPV M600
    * O2 XDA mini PRO
    * T-mobile DMA IV
    * i-Mate K-Jam
    * Qtek 9100
    * Vodafone (not named as yet)

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