Sony Ericsson unveils P990 adds 3G and Wi-Fi

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Sony Ericsson has unveiled the latest upgrade of its long standing series of smartphones. The latest model, the P990 keeps the basic form factor of its predecessor in that it sports a large screen and has a flip open tab with the keys on it, but has several key amendments. The biggie is that it now boasts on board Wi-Fi, which is also apparently compatible with VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.
Sony Ericsson has also improved the display so the new model sports a 320×240 resolution screen and added Blackberry Connect support.

The most controversial change is the adjustment of the size of the screen to accommodate a larger QWERTY keyboard. The 910 was criticised for having a keyboard than was small and unusable. The amendment at least brings the keyboard size in line with other smartphones like the Treo and the HP Mobile Messenger.

Unlike previous Sony Ericsson smartphones this one is also 3G compatible which makes it a smaller rival to the recently launched HTC Universal, which is available in the UK as the T-Mobile MDA pro and Orange M5000. It also has a two mega pixel camera, will offer video calling and features the Opera 8 web browser. It goes on sale early next year.

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