Is a four Gig Sony Ericsson Walkman phone imminent?

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It’s a bit of Sony Ericsson frenzy today as we have got word that the company is going to take the wraps off its latest Walkman phone on Monday 17th. The first phone, the W800i, was a good all rounder that was slightly compromised by a poor quality speaker and limited (512MB) storage. The obvious upgrade would be to offer the phone with a much greater level of storage – the Memory Stick Duo cards it contains now goes up to four Gigabytes.

This would certainly trump Samsung and Nokia both of whom are readying mobile phones with hard disks of three and four Gigabytes respectively, for launch in Europe in the next three months.

Maybe the phone will also be compatible with Sony’s Connect music download service – though how the UK networks would feel about this remains to be seen. They did swallow their pride and take on the ROKR iTunes phone though.

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