Creative debuts Zen Micro Photo

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Ok, seeing as Apple has hogged the limelight on the old personal audio front for the last few weeks, now seems a good time to see what the opposition is up to. Creative, which has always been a firm fave with the ‘anything but an iPod’ lobby, is back with a full UK launch of its Zen Micro Photo. The new player is finished in white and in the traditional upright Micro style, but boasts a bigger eight Gigabyte hard disk and sports a splendid 262,144 colour OLED screen. Naturally it will play MP3s and display JPEGs but it has been optimized for Windows Media Audio and WMA 10 and will play DRM-ed music tracks without any hassle.

It also has an FM radio board and battery life of a pretty reasonable fifteen hours. Yours for a penny under £200.

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