Video iPod of sorts launched

MP3 players

And here we go. The Apple online stores might be down for updates, but we have seen a video iPod, but not a real PVP type device. It has a wider display than previous iPods, but no five inch screen.  It has a 2.5inch display, QVGA screen, will play MPEG 4 video files. It is also thinner than the current iPods and will be available in 20 and 60 gig versions. So no sign of the 80 gig player. The new version of iTunes (6.0) will also offer video downloads. The US price is $1.95 a pop, so bet you they are £1 each in the UK. In the US you’ll also be able to download TV series too. btw there is no confirmation that the video section of iTunes will be available anywhere outside the US yet. Maybe the rumoured Madonna iPod will be next.

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