Robosapien V5: the web connected bricklayer


One day you’ll be able to control an internet connected robot that’s on the other side of the planet, so says ex-NASA scientist, controversial roboticist and the man behind the Robosapien, Mark Tilden. Tilden who was in the UK to promote the upcoming launch of the big daddy of toy robots, the Robosapien V2 which debuts for £200 in November, talked of a concept called Telepresence. ‘If you want to find out what the scene is like in say Nicaragua, then why go there yourself? You’ll be able to control your own robot avatar that walks the streets and checks out what’s happening, and if it looks cool off you go and join him.’
Tilden also sketched out his plans for the next generation of Robosapien suggesting that V3 will be able to carry large objects – ‘it will be able to moonlight as bricklayer by V5’ he says not entirely seriously – and will be over a metre high. Tilden also said that his robots were the hottest gadget for girls claming that over 200,000 Robosapiens had been sold to young women.

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