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Crikey, it appears everyone want to launch a music phone today. For after Tosh’s new 803 for Vodafone we now have Nokia which has unveiled a new music-friendly version of its 3G phone the 6630. Nokia says its 6630 Music Edition has been ‘designed with enhanced music functionality to make it convenient for you to take your music collection with you while on the move.’ Essentially this means it now comes with a 256MB RS MMC card, a USB MMC/SD reader and the Nokia Audio Adapter and its 3.5 mm stereo jack.

It is also available in a few different colours including Rustic Red or Aluminum Grey. The rest of the phone, with its 1.3 megapixel camera, mobile broadband access via 3G, mobile email and streaming video is the same.

To further confuse matters Nokia is also foreign the Nokia Music Pack, which has the Nokia Audio Adapter, the Nokia 256 MB MMC Card, the Nokia USB MMC/SD reader and Nokia Stereo Audio Cable as a kit.

Of course the real Nokia music phone is this one.

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