Vodafone and Toshiba's 3G music phone

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In case you were wondering why Vodafone had decided to pass on the Apple Motorola iTunes ROKR music phone, here it is. Due to go on sale in the UK shortly is Voda’s own music phone, the Toshiba 803. Nicknamed by the company the UMTS (3G) jukebox it is a clamshell handset with MP3 playback and integrated music playing control buttons. In typical style though it is very short on memory. It comes with 20MB built in which can be supplemented by a mini-SD card. Though if previous form is anything to go by it is likely to be 64MB. Suddenly those 512MB cards bundled with the Moto and Sony Ericsson phones look pretty generous. Also on board is 2.3 mega pixel camera with 20 x digital zoom (which is previous Tosh cameras on phones are anything to go by should be cracking), a display with 262,144 colours and Bluetooth.

Alas the Tosh 903, which includes most of the above and integrated GPS is only going to be on sale in Japan.

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  • I have vodafone 803T from japan .i am suffering to some problem in my phone such as not active scren sever,not mp3,not virus scan and other softwares .pls sent me idea how i can install this softwares in my phone. my email id [email protected]

  • hello guys im from the phillipines my auntie gave me a vodafone 803 i dont dont how to download music to this phone heres my email add chey_a23 @ yahoo.com

  • I am using vodafone by toshiba model 803. I am listen music from external memory card. eventhough the memory card is installed properly and it showing in the screen. Can any body tell me how can i listen music from this set? I will be very great full to him.

  • helo guys, I just purchase a vodafone 803T recently and also having problems like you have before, can you pls send me tips how to deal with this…. here’s my email
    [email protected]


    thanks much!

  • i downloaded already mp3s from my pc to my toshiba 803 phone, but i can’t play them. I saved those mp3s in my 512 MB miniSD card, but i can’t see them too. i had already beat engine box in my phone when i upgrade it still not to find the mp3 files.how can i play mp3s in my phone? please help me.

  • hi!
    i am paree and using toshiba 803T handsset and in india i am having a lot many problems in handling it .
    ANY ONE COUD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


    If any one of you could send me details to do so .
    Along with its installation drivers to get it work for data transfer.



  • Ima using Toshiba 803T. Is awsome but i can’t find any ring tone from the Internet. can any one tell me which web site i can find ring tone for 803t?

    Tnking u.

  • where can i get the beat engine software for toshiba 803 phone? so i can use mp3

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