IFA News 2005: rollable displays coming soon

IFA news

Philips demonstrated a number of interesting research projects at IFA – most of which are nearly ready for launch. There was a 3D flat screen display which will be used mainly by advertisers and for specialist medical applications (ie baby scans). There was also a display of the company’s ‘photonic textiles’ which will eventually enable you to create your own electronic clothes (see Philips Homelab for more information). However the product we got most excited about was the rollable display which has been developed in conjunction with Polymer Vision. It was first demonstrated at IFA a couple of years but seems very close to becoming a reality, albeit initially in black and white rather than colour. Using ultra-thin 25 micron plastic substrates, combined with flexible organic electronics technology, the display is intended – eventually – as an integrated solution for a mobile phone. The QVGA resolution display is scheduled for manufacturing in 2006.

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