IFA News 2005: Pana's 4 in 1 one recorder

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Not sure about which recording format to go for? Panasonic has announced a recorder that covers most of the bases – at least as far as standard definition goes anyway (we won’t even get into the high def recording format war that is still looming). Unveiled at IFA was a four in one recorder, comprising 200Gb hard disk drive, VHS VCR, DVD recorder and SD Memory Card. Called thd DMR-EH80V it comes with its own electronic programme guide, Guide Plus, and a built in DV terminal for dubbing DV-quality images from a digital video camera to the recorder’s hard disk drive or DVD disc. Panasonic claims the 200Gb hard disk can hold up to 355 hours of footage and the DVD recorder can record on DVD-RAM, DVD-R, +R and DVD-RW discs.

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  • I live in nyc…how can I purchase this panasonic dmr e80v….it seems to be not sold in the u.s.a. at this time ?

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