First portable digital TV arrives


Given the Government’s announcement last week about the analogue TV switch off there is now gaping hole for small-ish portable TVs with digital TV tuners built in. First to fill said hole is Roadstar which has just launched the first ever 10inch digital set – the CTV1042D.

It comes with a digital TV tuner, so you can access all the Freeview channels and radio stations, and features an analogue tuner as fall back.

The CTV1042D also features a multi system function (PAL I + B/G, SECAM BG + DK) so it can be used in many European countries and has an optional 12volt input so you can power it on the move.

Other features include a detachable swivel stand to help find the best viewing angle, a full function remote control, Scart and phono sockets and a 3.5mm earphone socket.

It also has an onscreen EPG to keep you up to sped with the programmes that are coming next, a sleep timer which can moonlight as an alarm clock and a ‘Block’ computer game.

It is on sale now for £200

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