Are Vodafone and Sky about to launch TV to your mobile?

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Is Vodafone’s TV on your mobile service imminent? And will it carry Sky’s TV channels? Well given the number of handsets in its new 3G range which it is billing as TV compatible it seems very likely we’ll see a service sooner rather than later.

In the summer Voda promised to launch TV in the UK before Christmas. It has also been trailing a service in Germany which offers CNN, Eurosport, Fashion TV and a weather channel. The German service also has a series of looped channels including a special mobile version of a popular German soap which is transmitted on mobile before it is broadcast on terrestrial TV.

It is just speculation now, but given Sky’s announcement the other day, and the fact that the pair work closely together on content for Voda’s 3G mobile serves, maybe Sky Sports live via Voda is just weeks away.

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