First mini speakers for the iPod nano

MP3 players

Those PodGear fellas don’t waste much time.

Barely two weeks after the launch of the iPod nano the company has developed one of its PocketParty systems for the new Apple player.

Regular readers will know the score now. The nano’s PodGear is a mini hi-fi system for the Apple player that also doubles as recharger. The company claims it is the first of its type for the Nano, but someone will probably tell me otherwise.

The company also claims that the PocketParty for iPod nano offers improved sound appreciation on its predecessors and comes complete with LED indicator light and angled speaker grills for superior stereo sound. It weighs 38 grammes which makes it rather portable has an output of 1 Watt from its small angled speakers and can be operated either by the mains or from a single AA battery.

It is on sale next month for £25. More info here

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