Commodore's GPS media player


Our pals at Stuff mag in the UK have got the scoop on a rather nifty new portable media centre from Commodore.

Yep the same company that was as much a part of the 80s as Spandau and Duran is back with the Navigator Combo, a media player with built in GPS.

Unlike rival GPS units it has a whopping 30 Gigabyte (the Navman iCN550 has just four), hard drive which comes preloaded with plenty of maps. It also sports a 3.6inch touch-screen display, can play back MPEG-4 and DivX video and MP3 and WMA audio, runs using the Windows CE operating system and features an SD card slot.

There’s no news on price or availability, but it will be getting a first UK airing at the upcoming Stuff exhibition in London.

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