Toys battle it out for Santa's approval


Apparently its already time for the marketing war machines
to start rumbling towards the Xmas battleground as contenders for this year’s
hottest toy begin to emerge. Last year Robosapien took Hamley’s approval and
filled the stockings of some 1 million lucky kids and nerdy twenty-somethings.
Now Robosapien creator, Mark Tilden is back with Roboraptor hoping that a 32″
razorjawed prehistoric monster will win over children again. But if you think
Dinosaurs are just so 20th century then don’t worry; celebrating the
rebirth of Doctor Who on the BBC is a 12″ tall remote controlled Dalek featuring
all the gadgets and speeches of the nostalgic nemesis (I’ll bet it can’t fly
though). This surely has to be a major winner this year as the Doctor pulls in 10
million viewers per week with both old and new fans flocking to the modernised
series. The Dalek also has another powerful weapon in its arsenal as it costs
only £39.99 as opposed to Roboraptor’s £89.99

But there’s going to be even more fierce competition to
reach the top of Santa’s wish list as robotic toys aren’t the only things appealing
to the kids this year. Don’t forget the pint-sized talking Little Britain dolls
or the Robot Football game which come in at even cheaper than the animated
contenders. Let’s face it though, if you’re really going to spoil yourself with
some no nonsense electrical accessories then it has to be the PSP which by Xmas
might be available again, have a decent line up of games and  get some reasonable firmware enhancements.
The choice is yours but if you really want the festive season to be filled with
childish antics then a fast moving robotic stumbling block has got to be
answer. The Dalek and Roboraptor will be available from mid August at major

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