The only gay in the toyshop


Top tip from us – this year’s big Christmas toy won’t be Batman, Barbie or even Robosapien. It’ll be some camp, porky bloke from the valleys decked out in ill-fitting hot pants who specializes in self-denial. Yep, we hear that committed homosexualist  Daffyd is set to be the only gay in the toyshop (apart from maybe Barbie’s bloke Ken who is just that little too well groomed to be hetro) as part of a series of Little Britain talking dolls launched by The Charactar Group. We don’t know a great deal about them, but we do know that they (Daffyd, Vicky Pollard and hopefully Lou and Andy) are about half a metre tall, look fantastic and when cajoled deliver the catchphrases that are known the world over. We expect them to come in at about twenty quid too. More when we get it.

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