Today's top tech stories from the US


All the most exciting inventions that are
causing a ruckus of in the US of A.

Optimus wireless keyboard wears its
functions on its keys (Engadget): Potentially the smartest idea of recent
times. Now pray that it actually gets made when the patent comes through.

Panasonic Color eBook (Gizmodo): Another worrying invention spelling the demise of paper.

RoboCup 2005 Started in Osaka (I4U): Robots
that play football; whatever happened to arming them to the teeth and letting
them rip each other to shreds?

MobiTV Starts Broadcasting (Gizmodo):
Mobile TV steadily becoming a reality.

Sharp Announces Unbelievable Dual View LCD
Monitor (I4U): Look at the pic and be amazed, not only possible but heading
into mass production in the near future. Wow.

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