Today's top tech stories from the US


Five techno-treats from the stateside
blogging community.

Mopah: the iPod powered scooter (Engadget):
The word ‘hideous’ is such a dramatic understatement.

Finally, another flash-based PVR that has
video-out (DAPReview): Hoorah for video outputs.

and Polar – Your Heart Rate Monitor is in My Shirt!
(Gizmodo): Wow, now even
your clothes can tell you that need to stop smoking and get down to the gym

iKey AquaPoint optical mouse is waterproof
(Engadget): The final solution to wayward beverages.

Sony PSP To Get Email Client? (I4U): Sony
appears to be fighting back at hackers by offering more functionality; could
the message have gotten across at last?

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