SIM2 C3X 3-Chip DLP home cinema projector

Home cinema

It’s to hard combine the terms ‘competitively
priced’ and ‘projector’ into the same sentence at the best of times, so it
feels slightly weird trying to make out that a £11,000 home cinema device is a
bargain. SIM2 has released details of its new 3-Chip DLP projector, the C3X.
DLP chips are in fact mîcro-electromechanical semiconductor devices with approximately
2 million mîcroscopic, independently moving mirrors. Projectors come with two
configurations of DLP chips, one or three. Given that single chip DLP
projectors mop the floor with cheaper LCDs in terms of brightness, colour depth
and precision you can imagine how awesome 3-chip models look.

SIM2 is now offering one of the cheapest systems
to boast this powerful technology and the massive outlay also gives you a
device that could double up as a conceptual sports car thanks to its Italian
origin. The C3X measures in at 43 x 43 x 19cm which is pretty compact compared
to ordinary 3-Chip systems. The £11,000 price tag actually sets the C3X approximately
ten grand cheaper than many 3-Chip DLP systems but as yet it remains unknown
when exactly we’ll see these on shelves but a launch party is impending.

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